Silver Nanowire (Agnw) CAS No: 7440-22-4

About Agnw CAS No: 7440-22-4

Silver nanowire (Agnw) is poised to become an essential component of today’s most advanced technologies. Why? To begin with, silver nanowires do their job better than competing materials boasting high transmission rates and low resistance. This combination enables 10-finger touch, brighter displays, and longer battery life—all critical elements in improving the user experience. Second, the cost of silver nanowire is low in comparison to other similar materials. Silver is a plentiful material, manufacturing is inexpensive, and mass production is far from being an issue. Lastly, silver nanowires are infinitely flexible making them very versatile. Thin and curved is in wearables, kiosks, solar panels, gaming machines, point-of-sale devices, automobile displays, and GPS systems, all of these technologies can benefit from being thinner and more flexible with the help of silver nanowire.

Potential Applications of Agnw

  • Optical Applications: solar, medical imaging, surface enhanced spectroscopy, optical limiters
  • Conductive Applications: high-intensity LEDs‚ touchscreens‚ conductive adhesives‚ sensors
  • Antimicrobial Applications: air & water purification‚ bandages‚ films‚ food preservation‚ clothing
  • Chemical & Thermal: catalysts‚ pastes‚ conductive adhesives‚ polymers, chemical vapor sensors

Manufacturing Process

  • Polyol method – Silver nanowires are produced using an aqueous solvent in an autoclave at 120° C for 8h.
  • Rapid synthesis – Silver nanowires are prepared by mixing polyvinyl pyrrolidone and copper chloride in disposable glass vials. In this method, ethylene glycol is used as a precursor to the reducing agent.
  • Template method – This method employs supramolecular nanotubes of amphiphilic cyanine dye in aqueous solution as chemically active templates for the formation of silver nanowires.
  • Electroless deposition –Silver nanowires are formed by the electroless deposition of silver into the polycarbonate membranes through metal amplification process.

Polyberg Agnw

ProductsAverage Diameter/nmLength/μmSilver Purity (%)Concentration (mg/ml)
Different Specifications

SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) Image

Polyberg Agnw30 SEM
Polyberg Agnw50 SEM
Polyberg Agnw70 SEM
Polyberg Agnw100 SEM
Polyberg Agnw40 SEM
Polyberg Agnw60 SEM
Polyberg Agnw90 SEM