Silver Nanowire (Agnw) CAS No: 7440-22-4

About Agnw CAS No: 7440-22-4 Silver nanowire (Agnw) is poised to become an essential component of today’s most advanced technologies. Why? To begin with, silver nanowires do their job better than competing materials boasting high transmission rates and low resistance. This combination enables 10-finger touch, brighter displays, and longer battery life—all critical elements in improving […]

Composite, Kit (01004)

Contents 5 syringes of light-curing composite (4.0g/syringe) 1 syringe of flowable composite (3.0g/syringe) 1 bottle of bonding agent (5ml/bottle) 1syringe of etchant (2.5ml/syringe) 10 tips for flowable composite 5 tips for etchant 50 applicators Package Information Weight: 0.316Kg/set; 40sets/carton; 14.6Kg/carton

Pit and Fissure Sealant (01008)

Performance White, LED light curing resin-based sealant which can constantly release fluoride ions. This product is used in clinics to effectively prevent the cavity with enamel etching technique adopted. Composition Polymer composition: Bis-GMA, UDMA and TEGDMA Inorganic fillings: Glass powder(≤3m), silicon dioxide(≤0.02m) Other additions: light initiator, polymerization inhibitor, pigment Ready Product 3.0g/syringe Service If you […]

Nano-Hybrid Composites (NHC)

Composition Indications Advantages Mechanical Performance Compared to Other Brands Series Composition BIS-GMA, UDMA, TEDGMA, γ-MPS, mineral filler, photo-initiator, stabilizer, etc The polymeric composition accounts for 21.6wt% and mineral fillings account for 78.4% The size of glass powder is ≤3um and the nano-sized sphere SiO2 is ≤0.04um Other ingredients: photo-initiator, polarization inhibitor and pigments Indications Class […]