Composite, Kit (01004)

Contents 5 syringes of light-curing composite (4.0g/syringe) 1 syringe of flowable composite (3.0g/syringe) 1 bottle of bonding agent (5ml/bottle) 1syringe of etchant (2.5ml/syringe) 10 tips for flowable composite 5 tips for etchant 50 applicators Package Information Weight: 0.316Kg/set; 40sets/carton; 14.6Kg/carton

Pit and Fissure Sealant (01008)

Performance White, LED light curing resin-based sealant which can constantly release fluoride ions. This product is used in clinics to effectively prevent the cavity with enamel etching technique adopted. Composition Polymer composition: Bis-GMA, UDMA and TEGDMA Inorganic fillings: Glass powder(≤3m), silicon dioxide(≤0.02m) Other additions: light initiator, polymerization inhibitor, pigment Ready Product 3.0g/syringe Service If you […]

Nano-Hybrid Composites (NHC)

Composition Indications Advantages Mechanical Performance Compared to Other Brands Series Composition BIS-GMA, UDMA, TEDGMA, γ-MPS, mineral filler, photo-initiator, stabilizer, etc The polymeric composition accounts for 21.6wt% and mineral fillings account for 78.4% The size of glass powder is ≤3um and the nano-sized sphere SiO2 is ≤0.04um Other ingredients: photo-initiator, polarization inhibitor and pigments Indications Class […]

PolyBerg Bonding Agent (01007)

Performance Excellent adhesion strength >=28MPa Good elasticity, constant margin bonding Consistent bond strength to both moist and dry etched dentin One step, one coat application for a quick 35-second application time Instant adhesion, easy operation with convenience Flip-top vial for one-handed operation and unique nozzle design for dispensing control Suitable for many kinds of light […]